The last night

Mama, 别担心。你安心的走。



There goes the weekend again……

Had a very expensive weekend where I bought expensive bedsheets and a food processor that I'm very very very happy with!

Cannot wait for next week to come where I'll start my dumpling making weekend hehe

Happiness is when I have a nice cup of coffee in the morning 😁

Whoooooo. Guess which is mine?

Shall wait for the promo and consider if I wanna buy it for le parents. 😋

I hate and love driving on raining mornings.


Today was spent cooking prawn noodle soup and making dumplings and I must say,


Cause everything was deliciousssssssss

All I wanna do is just sleep. Shop. Go on holiday.


Work is stressing me.

Rush rush rush to see the doc!

But ended up…… DOC HAVENT EVEN REACH. 😒

Googled and I saw this Carpark charges….. and got the shock of my life

Then I was like I DONT BELIEVE! and googled again! So I hope this is correct!!!!!

Now I google and I see this…? Think it's correct cause it's from the web?